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Our Mission

To provide patients who are undergoing dental or other necessary health care procedures with safe, comfortable, effective and cost efficient anesthesia services.

More About Our Practice

Our Doctors

The CarePoint Anesthesia Group is dedicated to providing specialized anesthesia services for a wide range of patients in the Greater Denver area in a multitude of environments, with a special focus on Office Based Ambulatory Anesthesia. We strive to help to make dentistry more affordable and accessible for those with special circumstances while operating with patient safety as our utmost priority.

More About Our Doctors

Anesthesia Services in the field of Dentistry have been around for a very long time with an excellent record of safety. These services are quickly becoming increasingly important and more readily available. CarePoint’s group of highly trained anesthesiologists specialize in providing you with advanced anesthesia services that are the same as that provided at the hospital, all in the comfort of your dentist’s office and at a fraction of the cost.