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For Patients

Anesthesia Services in the field of Dentistry have been around for a very long time with an excellent record of safety. These services are quickly becoming increasingly important and more readily available. CarePoint’s group of highly trained anesthesiologists specialize in providing you with advanced anesthesia services that are the same as that provided at the hospital, all in the comfort of your dentist’s office and at a fraction of the cost. The fact is many people require, and in many cases, would just prefer to receive sedation or general anesthesia for their dental care. Anesthesia services may benefit patients who may experience the following:


  • Fear, anxiety, or unease regarding dental treatment
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Low pain thresholds
  • Previous failed attempts at local anesthesia
  • Complex medical histories
  • Advanced age or cognitive impairment
  • Physical or mental impairments or handicaps
  • Young age – precooperative or require extensive treatment
  • Basic desire to be relaxed for dental treatment


If you are one of the tens of thousands of people who either desire or require anesthesia services CarePoint Anesthesia Group is here to help provide you and your loved ones with a safe, comfortable and worry free experience. Whatever the reason may be, CarePoint’s friendly, professional and highly trained dentist anesthesiologists will provide you with the safe, affordable and effective care that you and your loved ones deserve.