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When I explained (to the dentist)
 that I was really concerned about all that work and how we should proceed and she recommended using Carepoint Anesthesia in the office.  No need to go to the hospital!  I loved the idea, so we set up the appointment a few weeks ago and today was the day! I have been very impressed with (Morgan’s dental office) so far and today was not let down.  (The dentist) brought in Dr. Philip Yen of Carepoint Anesthesia to put Morgan to sleep for her procedure.  Dr. Yen called Friday evening to introduce himself and ask me if I had any questions.  He called again last night before the appointment just to check in again and answer any last minute questions. He was great.

This morning, Dr Yen greeted Morgan in the waiting room.  Since it was so early in the morning, there were no other patients or parents there yet and weren’t expected, so he explained we could talk there in an open area.  This made Morgan more comfortable.  He also introduced himself and shook her hand.  He told her about the mask she would put on and called it a bubble machine that smelled like Grape. He gave her a mask to smell and look at so she felt comfortable.  He asked her if she had any questions and when he was done, led us back to the exam room.

He offered to help me transfer Morgan to the dental chair and asked her if she wanted a blanket.  She accepted one and then he made sure she was comfortable, asked me to hold her hands and then carefully placed the mask on her face.  Morgan drifted off to sleep while Dr. Yen chitchatted with her.  (Morgan’s dentist) and her team were all there waiting to jump in and get going.

The took care of Morgan’s dental needs and continued to keep me updated throughout the procedures.  The whole team was great. When they were done, they brought me back into the room so I was there as she woke up.  Morgan was a bit confused when she woke up, but immediately told me she needed to take tomorrow off from school.  I knew immediately she was fine.  Negotiating a day off from school is a common conversation between Morgan and I so when she started with that, I knew she was going to be fine. Dr. Yen walked us out to the van when we were done to make sure I got Morgan into the van OK.  Now that’s customer service.

What a great team they have there at (the dental offices) and Carepoint Anesthesia.  I highly recommend them for all dental care.  They have the best team and the best technology!

Patrice T.

Patient’s Mother

My son needed quite a bit of dental work,
and I can’t say enough about how pleased we were with the care he received from (the dental office) and CarePoint Anesthesia. They did everything they could to make it a positive, comfortable experience.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Dr. Joel (Josh sic) from CarePoint Anesthesia. The care he gave Jonah was fabulous. He called twice after Jonah’s procedure, once when we were on our way home and once in the evening, to check on Jonah.  The service he and his partner provide (anesthesia in the dental office) is critical for young children and people with disabilities.  I wish it were available in more places.

Jennifer S.

Patient’s Mother

My child was recently under the care of Dr. Jackstien
from CarePoint Anesthesia for a Dental procedure. We were given the option of taking our child to a surgery center for the procedure or having CarePoint Anesthesia come to our dentist office and give general anesthesia. As an RN I knew just enough to make me nervous about the “what if’s” of general anesthesia out of a hospital setting. Dr Jackstein exceeded my expectations. From the first phone call I felt a tremendous amount of relief as he patiently answered questions I had. When he met my son, he was great at explaining things in “kid terms” to make all of us feel more comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone needing to have a procedure done under anesthesia. Do not beat yourself up over the decision of surgery center vs in office sedation. If your child qualifies to be under sedation in the office setting, Dr Jackstein is safe, knowledgeable and reliable. He even followed up the night of the procedure to make sure everything was going ok! Thank you so much for taking great care of my child!!

Adrienne H.

Patient’s Mother

I spent the majority of my childhood in medical facilities.
I was not a healthy child. My adult life has included being diagnosed with not one, but two, incurable illnesses which require seemingly endless special care. The result of this is that I’ve met more than a few medical professionals in my lifetime, and not all of them are good at what they do. I demand a lot of the healthcare professionals who provide care for me. Dr. Philip Yen of Carepoint Anesthesia is easily the best doctor I have had the pleasure of working with.

From the first phone conversation more than a month before surgery, his friendly, confident, and positive demeanor put me at ease. At this time he assured me to phone him at any time if I needed to speak with him or had any concerns, and I, in turn, promised to endeavor not to be too neurotic with my worries as I had never had such access to a physician. He continued to phone mentor and obtain the medical information he required and, I believe, to make sure that I was satisfied with the level of care he was providing and the overall plans for the upcoming surgery and anesthesia. He additionally consulted with my many existing physicians.

On the day of the surgery I met his partner, Dr. Joshua Jackstien, who was yet another calming influence. Dr. Yen talked with me at length before the surgery. He explained exactly what, how, and when he was administering BEFORE its implementation; he also made it very clear what I could expect to experience and feel. No surprises. That’s the way I prefer my medical care, amd I was not disappointed.

Post-operatively he spoke with my caretaker at length before we left, provided written directions for post-op care (pointing out the prominent display of contact numbers), amd made sure we understood the dosing for pain-relievers. He called me later that same day to make sure things were going well and that I was not having undue difficulty or pain. Again, there was the ever-present assurance to call with any questions or concerns. Four days post-operatively, he called again to check on the progress of my recovery.

What really stands out the most for me in this experience is that Dr. Yen and his partner REALLY want you to call them if you have worries or concerns; they actively communicate with their patients-on the phone and in person. They understand the benefits of having patients who are comfortable and without anxiety. They understand that a big part of this comfort is having and open line to your physician; to be able to communicate your worries, and for someone to listen and be willing and able to address said concerns. I’m sure my case was not the most difficult they have encountered, but I also know it wasn’t the simplest. I had a multitude of concerns, ongoing medical difficulties, recent hospitalizations, numerous allergies, and a long list of daily medications. This information was taken in stride and addressed with the expertise it deserves.

I’m sure Dr. Yen has many patients. I am sure he treats them all just as compassionately as he did me. I, however silly it may sound, feel like I gained a friend in this whole experience. How often can you say that about an experience with a physician?

Tracie B.